About Us

Bill & coKnives, Axes, Swords & Traditional First Nations Handicrafts – we are Bad Billy’s Blades, welcome!

A family business founded by ‘Bad’ Billy Mertens at his hidden headquarters in Beamsville (Ontario). Bill (First Nations & Scots, raised by Germans) and his Family have grown up in and around the Niagara Valley & Escarpment, raising Children, Chickens, Dogs, Cats and…Grapes. Anyone who has ever spent time on a working farm knows the value of a good blade! BBB has been providing quality blades to the public at events, festivals and especially re-enactments. Bill and his Family are well known & respected in the re-enactment community; they regularly participate in events at Stoney Creek, Fort George, Fort Erie…as well as other events & Renaissance & Medieval Faires. They’ve even been known to associate & trade with Pyrates!

We specialize in hand forged and Historic Weapons, Tools & Accessories: Tomahawks, Neck Knives, Historic Steel Arrowheads, Trade Axes, Broadswords, Viking Seaxes, Straight Razors, Sgian-Dubh, Scottish Bollocks Daggers, Hand Beaded Wampum Belts, Deerskin pouches and more. Many of our items are unique collectibles you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Of course, we also carry a large selection of modern, practical, bladed instruments – from pocket folders to machetes, survival Bowies to hatchets…even tools for the next “Zombie Apocalypse”!

Occasionally we will even have an assortment of strange and exotic weapons that may only be practical in your wildest, darkest, comic book hero nightmares.


While you are always welcome to contact us here on the website, or through Facebook, we do appreciate meeting face to face. Throughout the warmer months, we are frequently found at re-enactment events and outdoor markets; in the colder months we tend to keep indoors – often at a marketplace or two.

Items we carry at events may vary – depending on whether it’s an historical event or not. If you have ordered something and wish to pick it up at an event, please make arrangements in advance. Please note that some events will have admission fees. Check the News & Events page regularly!